Nick Davis

Inspired by the greats who came before him such as Brooklyn graffiti pioneer Jean-Michel Basquiat, Nick Davis, a St. Pete, FL native, began sketching and painting at a young age. In 2019, Davis took on digital artistry after epilepsy left him unable to work. Using an iPad gifted to him by his wife, he began to experiment with computer generated artwork. He soon realized that he was not only determined to master his technique, but that he wanted to use the artform to depict the raw emotions of Black citizens in their day-to-day joy and struggles.

Before long, Davis constructed an entire collection of digital art that portrayed his love for his culture, appropriately titled Black Is Beautiful. Using his art as a method of coping with anxiety and depression, Davis wants to let his community know that despite the current state of the world, your Black remains immeasurably beautiful.

Davis and his Black Is Beautiful masterpieces have attracted national and international recognition including BET's Artist of the Week, PBS's WEDU Arts Plus series, The Weekly Challenger, Creative Pinellas, Cadillac and more.

Black is Beautiful

Black is Beautiful is a stunning depiction of the raw emotions of Black Americans navigating both the joys and struggles of everyday life in America. This collection of 1000 unique, one-of-one NFT’s is more than just collectible art - each NFT tells its own story. The images are playful, heartwarming, wholesome, provocative, and inspiring.

Collectors will benefit from one-of-a-kind art, community, education, access, events, and special experiences. With a mission of expanding representation, the collection will also be partnering with select HBCUs to further help communities of color with access, education, and insights to empower the next generation of creators and collectors.

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