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Vibrant colours and wild patterns grab the attention, leading viewers into ideas, stories and feelings about today’s world in the work of Canadian illustrator Rachel Winter. The palettes are vibrant, and the patterns are bold, combining to form sensitivity in every image that leaves the viewer with a lasting impression.

Based in Toronto, Rachel’s career has taken her around the world, and she has a deep background in the creative industries. After studying fashion and working as a pattern designer in the US and Canada, she moved to Europe and became an illustrator living in London, Dublin and Paris. Street fashion, people watching, feminism and a mix of cultures constantly feed her with inspiration. Rachel has a degree in Illustration from the École de Création Visuelle in Paris, adding to her training in fashion design and costuming.


The Remarkable Women NFT collection by Rachel Winter is a celebration and ode to all women inspired by the perspectives of fashion, feminism, and cultural diversity. The collection showcases powerful messages of hope, inspiration, and affirmation in 15 languages (with featured phrases including “Loved, Royal, Icon, Valid, Queen”) that together make this collection truly remark-able.

Guided by a deep sense of purpose and meaning, Remarkable Women’s mission is to uplift and empower women by focusing on inclusion and representation. This commitment begins from launch, where 10% of drop proceeds will be dedicated towards our strategic partner the Fund for Women’s Equality. Thereafter, 10% of all secondary sales will be put into the Remarkable Women’s Impact Fund with proceeds decided and voted upon by our community members towards causes dedicated to women, justice, equality, and inclusion globally.

Remarkable Women is committed to leveraging our collective power of convening and community engagement to empower women and create more representation globally. Our roadmap calls for great outcomes and great impact, as follows:
Remarkable Moments is our second collection by Rachel Winter, and expands the story of the genesis Remarkable Women collection by introducing a series of incredible NFTs depicting various scenes of happiness, joy, positivity, inspiration, fashion, movement, empowerment, family, connection, authenticity, and love from her perspective.
This collection consists of 500 unique, 1/1 NFTs, based on 25 hand drawn images. The images are all personally and individually colorized by Rachel Winter, with each image consisting of color variations within families that are either 1/40 Common, 1/20 Rare, or 1/10 Super Rare. View the collection here.
Reveal Moments
With Rachel Winter’s incredible fashion resume, we knew her style would lend itself to incredible IRL and Metaverse Fashion! We started by releasing incredible Decentraland metaverse wearables to our community!
Next, we worked in partnership with Fred Segal and our friends at On Chain Monkey and the royal society of players to deliver an incredible Bomber Racing Jacket to celebrate our sponsorship of race car driver Julia Landaeur!
Then we dropped our incredible Remarkable Hoodies, with amazing response from the web3 and web2 communities! Stay tuned for more fashion in the near future!
We are excited to announce a kickoff event in Los Angeles around International Women’s Day (March 8th).
Featuring a host of Remarkable Women, community members, influencers, celebrities, executives and more, this will be a great opportunity to meet so many of the most amazing women, men, and allies IRL.
Thereafter, we already have confirmed events scheduled for SXSW (Austin, March 13th), Social Innovation Summit (Washington DC, June 7–8th), NFT.nyc (June 20–23rd), and more.
Following our launch, 10% of funds from our drop will be dedicated to our launch partner, Fund for Women’s Equality which includes leading board members like Gloria Steinem, Alyssa Milano, Bamby Salcedo, Carol Jenkins, Thursday Williams, Mona Sinha, and more. Thereafter, 10% of all secondary sales will be put into the Remarkable Women’s Impact Fund with proceeds decided and voted upon by our community members towards causes dedicated to women, justice, equality, and inclusion globally.
In our continued mission to uplift women across the globe, we were able to partner with our friends at the royal society of player and on chain monkey to sponsor our friend and Remarkable Women Ambassador Julia Landaur for her Nascar Xfinity Race in Homestead, FL! We then dropped a very special NFT photography collection by community member DrCryptoNFT to celebrate this incredible sponsorship! Check out this incredible collection here: HOF Special Editions