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Friends of Nick Davis
Tribute NFT Collection
On Dec 16, 2022, the House of First community lost our dear friend and collaborating artist Nick Davis. Nick's works touched many lives, directly and indirectly, and his work and influence will live forever.
In August of 2022, the House of First team and artist assembled at NFT NYC to build our already strong personal and professional relationships. Nick Davis, Rachel Winter, Oban Jones, and Butcher Billy, members of our team, and our loved ones, enjoyed a magical week in the big apple, spending valuable time and building lifelong friendships and memories.

After Nick's untimely passing, Rachel, Billy, and Oban came together to create four (4) inspired art pieces as tribute to our fallen friend, taking inspiration from Nick’s Black is Beautiful Collection. Each Tribute NFT starts with one (1) NFT from Nick's historic collection, with his friends adding their artistic take on Nick’s work, creating inspired and heartwarming tributes to commemorate such a huge force in our lives.

We are releasing 1 Tribute NFT every Friday during Black History Month as an Open Edition for .01 ETH, each drop with a limited 24-hour mint window starting at 8am ET

All proceeds will be donated to Nick’s widow, Tiffany Larae.

We would like to thank Rachel, Billy and Oban for this incredible tribute, to help us always remember and share the work of Nick Holland Davis.
Friday Feb 3: Nick Davis Tribute #1
(BIB #477 The General Tribute)
Friday Feb 10: Nick Davis Tribute #2
(BIB #463 Never Ordinary Tribute)
Friday Feb 17: Nick Davis Tribute #3
(BIB #52 Love is Power Tribute)
Friday Feb 24: Nick Davis Tribute #4
(BIB #41 Will Draw for Love Tribute)
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