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Frank Neidhardt


Frank Neidhardt was born in Mainz, Germany in May of 1967 and later moved to France, living right in the middle of the famous “Marais” quarter in the 3rd District. Passionate about drawing, painting, and photography, Frank entered the famous “Artistes en Direct” group, a society of freelance illustrators working on advertisement, editorial, and print. Learning his trade from experienced illustrators like Jochen Hein, Frank combines photography, illustration and CGI to create incredible images for clients like Baileys, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Danone, Ferrero Rocher, Ford, Lancome, Lindt, Mercedes Benz, Michelin, Mövenpick, National Geographic, Pfizer, Renault, Sega, Volkswagen and more. Also passionate about music, Frank DJ’s throughout Paris under the name “Moody Maestro.”


This incredible Open Edition, titled “Out of the Blue,” by photographer Frank Neidhardt kicks off House of First’s inaugural photography drop and teases the upcoming drop of 100 1/1 photos! Twenty lucky holders of the Open Edition will also be entered into a draw to win one of the amazing 1/1 NFTs coming in Phase 2.

The title of this piece, Out of the Blue, not only plays on the “blue hour” that Frank is known to photograph, but the out of the blue moment that he had only a few seconds to capture while exploring the beautiful city of Paris. Frank explains, “As the final resting place of so many great French minds, the Pantheon was deserving of the perfect shot, but the streets were too calm to capture a moment of Parisian life in the foreground. Then suddenly, two men on rented bikes turned the corner and began to rush down the “rue des Carmes.” This was my chance. I had time for just three pictures and then they were gone.”


The complete collection, Destinations, is comprised of 100 1/1 NFTs that showcase unique glimpses into the lifestyles and landscapes of some of the most beautiful destinations worldwide, spanning from the depths of the Red Sea to the towering skyscrapers of New York. These breathtaking photos allow us to step inside Frank’s journey and see the world through his eyes, as he travels to incredible destinations like Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Zakynthos, Sicily, Sevilla, Mallorca, Valencia, and Normandy to name a few.
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Snapshot: June 20 Noon ET
20 NFTs airdropped to random holders of “Out of the Blue” OE
10 NFTs airdropped to top holders of House of First Trilogy NFTs
Phase 1: June 22 10am ET • 40 NFTs • Max 2 Per Wallet • 24 hours
Gated to House of First Trilogy Holders
Phase 2: June 23 10am ET • 30 NFTs • Max 2 Per Wallet • 24 hours
Gated to “Out of the Blue” OE holders
Public: June 24 10am ET • No Max Per Wallet
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