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House of First is home to the new, novel, and noteworthy. The ultimate partner to collectors and creators for discovering and spotlighting firsts, we are the connection between art, blockchain, and culture. Whether it’s an artist's debut NFT collection, or an established creator’s next brilliant masterpiece, House of First is a platform for cultivating and uplifting compelling voices and extraordinary talent. We are a community for the bold, the visionary, the pathbreakers, artists, and dreamers. We are First. Join us.

House of First is backed by a completely doxxed full-time team of talented professionals with a shared passion for uniting the worlds of technology, art, and community. We are a seasoned global team including front and back-end developers, curators, marketing, partnerships, and community leads. Each one of us is dedicated to the success of this project every day. We are a connected group that specializes in building communities, and we are excited to apply our talents, networks, and resources to maximizing opportunities for all in our community.

To qualify as a First and thus be included in House of First, artistic collections must meet at least one of two firm criteria:

  • First Ever: A metaverse debut with historic launch of a first-time NFT collection — OR –
  • First of a Kind: A premiere collection from an established NFT artist featuring a new format, subject, medium, style or another distinguishable characteristic that can unequivocally be considered a true First.

The integrity of “First” matters greatly as it connotes new, novel, and noteworthy and thus preserves historic value for artist and collector alike.

We are delighted to announce that award-winning artist Ian Murray (https://www.mrmurray.co.uk/) will be pioneering the historic first drop with our iconic PFP collection: The Everyones. The drop has sold out, and is available for secondary purchase at: https://opensea.io/collection/theeveryones
Collectors may also wish to browse the rarity guide at: https://rarity.tools/theeveryones

The Nomination Form to nominate an artist can be found here: https://bit.ly/HOFartists

In addition to serving as exquisite works of fine art, our collectors will additionally benefit from compelling metaverse utility and real-life opportunities including:

  • Profile Picture: Usage of your vibrant artwork as PFPs to proudly display, covet, and flaunt
  • Print On-Demand Portal: High-res portal to download your NFTs, along with special partnerships offering discounts to print and display physical artwork. To access your images in high-res, visit https://houseoffirst.com/wallet and connect
  • Full Commercial Rights across all our NFTs, including ability to create derivative works
  • World-Class Community: Engagement with a leading community of like minded collectors and creators interesting in discussing NFT, arts, culture, music, and events and more
  • Real-Life Events: Access to exclusive in person meetups and events including Art Basel, CES, SXSW, UN General Assembly, NFT.nyc, and more
  • Metaverse Home Base: Participation in our Metaverse Land strategy including plans for a museum-worthy House Gallery (ClubHOUSE) to hang out, showcase and even auction your finest collections
  • Branded Merchandise & Artist Access: Priority access to unique merchandise drops, signed/autographed art, physical shows and exhibits, and artist meet & greets
  • Giveaways & Rewards: Participation in special giveaways and opportunities to receive 1:1 NFTs, signed physical copies, and custom artwork from our creative collective
  • NFT Launchpad: Offering the larger community our capabilities and support for our community looking to execute on their own projects
  • High-Tech / Low Gas:An amazing dev team who deploy battle-tested smart contracts across all of our collections providing significantly reduced gas fees to mint, trade, and transact
  • Marketing Pool: Holders of The Everyones get access to a special channel in Discord (The Penthouse) to discuss and determine how to spend an initial resourced pool of 25 ETH.
  • Governance Utility: Holders of the NFT will have special voting rights, formalized via an "on-platform" voting mechanism where the number of Everyones NFTs owned correspond to your vote. No future NFTs in the House of First collection will have these voting rights.
  • Special 1:1 Giveaway: Ian Murray has collaborated with us to design ten (10) special rare one of ones, which will be given away in drawings, one every day, starting on January 3rd.
  • Future Access: Collectors who own 5 NFTs from our First drop will receive a special discord role providing them with guaranteed whitelist access for our next 2 collections.
  • Design Your Companion: Collectors who own 20 or more NFTs will have the opportunity to work with us to influence the design of a special 1:1 FREE AIDROP with a few of your favorite traits. These will exist as a companion to the main collection - they will not be part of the core but will be beautiful, special, and rare add-ons for you to value and enjoy.
  • Free Airdrop for “Trilogy”: : Collectors who own at least one NFT from each of our first three drops (aka. The Trilogy) will receive a special free companion NFT only available to this group of collectors.